Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had such a fun weekend. I'm feeling so stressed out and well all I needed was some time to chill out with some friends. I can't believe that's is Wednesday already, Friday can't get here soon enough.

 I also did some shopping last weekend. I bought some sexy riding boots and shiny ballet flats. I feel so amazing in them. They are by Steve Madden but they feel incredibly comfy, which is hard for me to find.

I felt really cold today. I only wore that blazer and a lace top from F21. The jeans are from American Eagle. I'm happy I wore my hat, it was so blustery outside. It saved me from having crazy hair. 

Don't Yu Evah

Don't You Evah

New Shoes

The two sheos, I bought this week. The ballet flats are from TJ Maxx and the boots I got from Von Maur. Both were great deals.  ♥

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Can't Handle Me Right Now.

I plan to attend a local comic book/ anime convention this November, but I have to be in Chicago same weekend as the conference. 

I wanted to make a costume from Serena or Usagi and Luna Sailor Moon. Too bad I can't use this as a Halloween costume but maybe next year.  I'm not a fan of serious cosplay. If you are going to dress up, I think it's perfectly adorable do something different, by wearing a updated look. As long as you have a few recognizable accessories, I'm sure people can guess your cosplay outfit. I followed the basic color palette of the characters and reference plots from the TV show. 

If you are one of those semi-professional or professional cosplayers, please try not to be so critical. I'm not the most hardcore anime fan and love to experiment with any character. 

You can see that I was inspired by Serena looks: left to right; Serena as Princess Serenity; Sailor Moon, those Vivienne Westwood boots must be something that Serena would prefer other those love red ones; School Girl Serena, imagine Serena running late to class in those badass McQueen shoes lugging  along her light pink bag.  
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon by RazzleDazzleMe featuring bride dresses

I love Luna. In fact, I'm sure she's the reason why I have a little black kitty. Of course, I can't dress a cat but this lovely guardian would be ravishing in gold and black. From super hot cocktail dresses, but Luna seems to be more conservative. I would prefer to see her in be consistent in her closet. Nothing too liberal. But she's totally the type to add playful bows and accessories. She's definitely the cat's meow!

I hope I can another convention and that I'll have Tuxedo Mask join me!

ps. Thanks for the lovely comments. I appreciate all of them. ♥

Saturday, October 16, 2010

If You Can't Sleep

Woah, it's the weekend, so let's party! Granted, I'm too lame or underage, to actually attend the parties at my school. I rather stay home and watch movies. Hello, Netflix and warm PJ bottoms. I'm so happy that I survived. Between work, school and driving on the busy traffic streets, I've been so tired. It's finally fall break and we are half way done. 

But I've been so inspired by my last post, I needed to find something similar by shopping in my closet. I'm  finally straying away from all black. I enjoy seeing more patterns and textures. All inspired by the latest Spring '11 collections and all the lovely street style photos. I haven't worn this skirt since summer. I only wore it too Target. I'm too worry to wear this without tights. Am I the only one who worries about showing too much leg?

Besides, sharing my adorable outfit. I'm so overjoyed to share some wonderful news. I finally got accepted into study abroad! I'm going to Spain next year!  

I'm hoping to travel all over Europe. It be such a pleasure to meet anyone. 

If You Can't Sleep

White Tank- Express, short beige layered skirt- American Eagle, boots- Ruff Hewn from Dillards, grey leggings- F21 and  the denim jacket-Gap. Rings- F21 and gifted. Necklace- borrow from my mom.

If You Can't Sleep

ps. Thanks for all the incredible comments. You all keep me going.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Dress

Today felt like one of those jeans and tee shirt kind of days. I had nowhere to go and frankly, I hate being bored. So naturally my boredom allows me time to make fantasy outfits off polyvore  and watch Babies on Netflix.

I would so recommend watching Babies. It's documentary that follows four infants from the savanna desert in Africa to a sky high buildings in Tokyo. All of the babies that were recorded are beyond adorable. You have no soul if those little faces make you sigh and laugh out.

Please tell me if you can't see the trailer.

I've been watching the daily videos by Lorraine Stanick. She just bought this gorgeous rose gold watch, seen above. I really would love to own one. It looks so prim and proper. Also if you watch her youtube videos, you also know she has a Love ring, similar to  the one in the picture. I finally found some jewelry that I want to buy. 

ps. No License yet. :(

Sunday, October 10, 2010


But I that today being sponsor by the number 10. I thought I tell everyone 10 things I love:

1. I'm finally going to take my driving test. I failed it the first time. Wish me Luck!
2. Caramel Apples that seem to be everywhere now! I love them with sprinkles and chocolate. Even the plain caramel with nuts is yummy!
3. Dark, sexy lips. Umm, can't even explain how much I want some dark red or berry lipstick. Although I do love pinks.
4. Hot Apple Cider on cool fall nights. Too bad, I have nobody to cuddle with under a blanket. It be so romantic.
5. Going on Zoo field trips. I went to the local zoo. I rode the train and walk around the whole place. I'm dying to go again.
6. Classic 80's songs. The B-52's and Depeche Mode have never gone down the path of 80's cheesy dance music. You know that song that makes you cringe every time you hear it.
7. Netflix! If your nearby video store has recent closed, have no fear, and just get a Netflix account. Some of my personal favorite movies are just a day wait in the mail or better on instant watch! I definitely say get one, even though you'll end up staying home Friday night.
8. Home decor. I'm currently trying to find new bedsheets and home decorations for my room. I would love to buy a newer and bigger bed but that would look rather silly for my small room. I want something soft and pretty. Not sure exactly, but I'll do an update on my room soon!
9. Tall Black boots. I have searched all over the internet for a pair of new black boots.  Yet, I still have not made a purchase. I love to wear an over the knee but I'm a little short.
10.All the great comments and followers.

Tell what you've love about today? I'm sick of all the negativity. Let's try to be positive.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Been A Long Time

It's been a few months of waiting but I'm super excited for Sunday. Why?

I finally get to see the Mulberry for Target collection! I'm hoping to get one of the bags and not be disappointed like after the Gilt Group sale. I think they are so adorable, and I'm super pleased that most of them are animal friendly. Look at the denim one, it's tres chic. I honestly don't give a damn about the critics.

Of course, the low price tag does mean it lacks the quality as an Alexa  or Baywaters bag. But really I think this collaboration has to be one of my all time faves. Have you've seen the collection? Do you plan on buying one from Target? (Sorry to all those non-US readers).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Current Obsessions

I've already had such a shitty week. I had two tests and a presentation  on Monday and I worked all day today. The joy of my day was grabbing a frappucino after work. Those lovely cups of strawberry creamy goodness never seem so yummy as today. In case, you just started reading my blog, I have a huge obsession with Starbucks.  So naturally, I wanted to post about what's been my latest obsessions.

All we do in French is watch movies; most are set in Paris. I've been to Paris but dear god, I really would want to be there during fashion week. All the outfits and shows I've seen are so beautiful. Oh, Paris je t'aime.

I've fallen once again for pink and corals. I think it's because now I'm getting more into colors and I'm just sick of all neutrals in my closet. 

Beige, gray and tan are so becoming my colors this fall. I'm trying to avoid black but I've broken that promise. 

This look from Betsey Johnson has been on my mind since I saw it a few weeks ago. I need that necklace. I know it's tacky but I adore tacky things. 

YSL ring, please be mine? I promise to take it off only at night. I only have few and they are silver. But this is the perfect ring that I've been wanting for such a long time.  

Sorry for the lack of links. Most of these are from my tumblr

Also I'm so flattered by the amount of new readers and comments. Thanks for reading this.    ♥

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Fires

Am I the only one who really wants to have a bonfire? It's fall, so that means it is definitely getting cooler and it's becoming perfect sweater weather. 

October Fires

skirt- UO
Tank- Target
Blazer- Macr by Marc Jacobs
boots- TJ Maxx
Jewelry- random locations

Closeup of

I'm sorry this is kind of boring. I've been sick and stuck in the library these past few days. I'm happy to be able to post an outfit this week. I'm quite fond of this one. I finally feel like I'm back to do regular outfit posts. I haven't worn this skirt in forever. It's quite adorable. I'm hoping to wear it again with a knit sweater.

Also do you like this ankle boots? I just got from TJ Maxx. I like the little studs around the ankle. 

Thanks everyone for the comments. 

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