Friday, January 16, 2009

An Apple a Day,

Will not keep your Dentist away. I learned that today. I had to get two fillings. My face is still numb and the worst pain ever. He put a spring in my mouth that pressed really hard against my cheek. I whine the whole time, I was there.
I also learned that flossing is good. I made that a resolution.
My dentist is not a bad person, actually, he is very nice. I just wish, he would say, I hate to do this to you. No, he doesn't hate this because he getting payed to work on me.
No pictures because of my bad mood.
I might go see RHPS!!! Yeah.


  1. That's too perfect! =] I'm actually looking for a blue plaid one now. Cute puppy below. So cute!

    Thank you<3

  2. Yes I have a Boston pup as well =] aren't they so adorable? Thanks for the info, I will check American Eagle out, then. xxx

  3. I feel your pain. I am having a super bad ulcer right now :(


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