Monday, January 12, 2009


I don't know why, I must build up the first day of semester to make it seem so exciting when I know it won't be.
I was surrounded by girls in UGGs tucked into their jean or worse sweats. It was just so dull. I just got to focus and stop complaining.
I'm still mad, I got up at 6 to be at 8 am. And I dropped it and went to a different Biology class.
Today, I wore my comfy boots and my fave t-shirt. It's Miss Sixty, my cousin gave it to me.

PS. In English we have to make a blog about some sort of cause, I'm excited for that.

EDIT: :)

It's snowing!!! Yeah!!
It took me 50 mins to get home. I'm now waiting happy. I got all my schedule drama done. Now I can relax and only a couple minutes to Gossip Girl.
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  1. Hot Cocoa while watching movies or tv at night has got to be the best, especially when it's chilly outside. :]


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