Friday, February 6, 2009

Listening, Watching, Reading, Wearing, Wanting.

I'm loving those girls from

This is my favorite post from them. I decided to do my own.

Listening: Coldplay, Viva la Vida. I'm obsessed with the new music video for Life in Technicolor II. Also some music by the Beatles. A little bit of the Killers and Sigur Ros.
Watching: Trashy reality TV. Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, The Secret Life of the American Teenager (MY BF and I make fun of it so much, just because of how bad the acting is) and Ace of Cakes.
Reading: Wikipedia for my English class and the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.
Wearing: Now my PJ's, but today I wore my shirt dress from France, gray tights and my brown flat boots.

Wanting: For Valentine day to be done and over with. To get some awesome boots from UO and to find some more comfy tees. Also to get my tickets for Death Cab for Cutie.

Best wishes and have a good weekend.

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