Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Sundae

I'm not big on holiday's.
Easter is not that great anymore. They didn't even have jelly beans.
I remember wearing my dresses and carrying a Easter basket while hunting for Easter eggs.
Some of them have change or even 1 dollar.
That was a big deal, now their are barely any kids and we all just sit around and watch sports.
Oh well. How was your holiday weekend spent?


  1. hahaha I just love easter for the candy.. thats it :) :) It used to be big deal when I was little but now not anymore... xoxo

  2. i like the color of the top, nice blog, check mine

  3. Re: hihi, you're welcome, dear ;)

  4. I know, I swear I had dreams about them and only started at images of Nicole and MK in them. Then finally a friend hooked me up. The day they arrived I dreamed all night about them and kept trying them on lol. But for info, they fit true to size so I hope you find some! :)


  5. I didn't really celebrate easter this year either. I miss having an easter egg hunt! haha

  6. hey.. Im coming here to see your new DIY.. where is it haha post post post :) :) xoxo


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