Tuesday, April 21, 2009

warning "rant"

I'm irritated. I can't study right now.
It's not my music because without it I would be force to hear the three kids and their loud mother.
I don't like them, and I have no idea why?
I'm sick of her kids a lot.
They need to leave me the fuck alone.
No I did not say that but I think someone needs to find someone else to force their children on.
I think these people are proof why some people should never procreate.
Damn you, damn you all.


It's for the contest for chictopia.


  1. ahhhh I have rants like that too lol :) love love love your collage :) :) I was eyeballing exactly this bag on ebay but it was too expensive hehe :) sooo cute I wish i had seen your picks before I made the outfit lol :) you are the best ever!! xoxo

  2. good luck in the contest!

    i would love a tag! i already have one that i haven't gotten to yet but i will do them both!! i usually only have time to blog on the weekends so i will try to do it then! thanks!


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