Friday, May 8, 2009


So after taking a two day break from here and the internet in general. I'm now done with my first year of college!
My french final kicked my ass but I know the rest of my GPA is in good hands.

I celebrated by attending my cousin's wedding tonight.
I conveniently got a drink from my sister-in-law, whom didn't like the taste of hers.

Now I'm ready for some summer lovin'!!!


  1. jayyyyy!! congrats :) :) I so envy your freedom!! I seriously want a long vacation! In my last company I managed to get a month in a row off.. hmmm need to figure out how to do that again ];)

  2. I'm jealous! I cannot wait until the summer!

  3. I love the pattern on that dress!

  4. Damn I'm ready for some Summer lovin too but its approaching Winter here! *sniffle* haha. Thanks hun for your congratulations. It got me pretty excited and was scary at the same time too lol.

    Congrats to YOU for completing first year! It only gets worse from here haha teasing of course ;)

    Lovely outfit too. Hope you had a fun time at the wedding :)



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