Thursday, May 14, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Not sure how to put this but my mom wants me to move.
She's not kicking me out but rather she wants my sister and I to move with her to another city.
Actually it's a different country.
We're from Panama but we live in the middle of the US.
My dad moved us all here after he left the service.
As much as, I love my home. I need a change.
I don't want to go with my mom.

I'm not sure what career I want or where I should go.
If I stay here, it will be safe and I know I'll stick with studying Spanish/French and then go into teaching...

But if I move away, then I can explore different things.
I might discover other talents, meet new people, and gain experience.

You think this be easy but no.

I got an offer to go to France with a bunch a kids from my university.
No relatives and I would be completely responsible for myself.

Thank goodness. I have a break. I need to recollect my thoughts and figure what I want.

Some good news.

I got my scholarship!!


  1. Take a chance, you never know what will come your way!

  2. I would take the opportunity to go to France, traveling is the the most valuable education. Maybe you'll have an opportunity to wear flipflops to the beach there :)

  3. Definitely take up the offer! I may seem superstitious, but isn't it prettty coincidental that such a great opportunity comes up at a time like this? I say it's fate! Haha! And congrats with the scholarship! :)

  4. Wow...I would love to see Coldplay live...should be amazzzing! Fab new week darling! XO*


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