Monday, May 18, 2009

You can see my dark circles.

I've been so tired. I don't know why? I never get up early.
I think this is wrong, I'm complaining about not doing anything.
But today, I went around the city.
I handed in my acceptance letter to the scholarship office.
I'm so excited for June.

But here's what I wore.
Nothing special but this is typical me during the summer.
I love that hat. It's my new go to summer accessory.

Also boredom leads you to make yummy snacks.
I had a sundae.
I love ice cream and sprinkles.
Yeah, I eat junk food.


  1. love the hat and love the blue shirt!! okay Im so gonna try the ice cream with sprinkles!! :)
    ohhh I have not been sleeping good at all! I stay up untill about 3 in the night and it really starts to wear me out! oooch! :( I need sleeeeep lol :)

  2. all the colorsss! Take care sweetie & enjoy your week! XO*

  3. the ice cream looks yummy!
    and i love the color of the shirt!
    cool blog!

    check out mine please


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