Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I wrote on facebook

Anna... thinks being up this late would more fun if I had someone special to stay up with me.

I'm feeling awfully romantic. It's almost three am.


  1. aww- i agree i hate when i'm the only one up!

  2. Im always up late, i find it hard to sleep!

  3. haha. i write the weirdest things in FB . and i am a terrible insomniac ... i can never never go to sleep before 3am .yesterday i stayed up til 4 m which is usually the case a t these times .. istay up on FB and ofcourse looking at so many blogs like your own.
    know what next time heres what i do i watch sad movies or romantic movies really late when i fee l romantic and also i like to think of people that "couldvebeen". uh is this too long or TMI? lol thanks for still coming to our blog

  4. haha the airport is so nice though- chanel store and all! haha

  5. This totally applies to me, too! I'm always the last one to go to bed cuz i'm up playing on the internet.

  6. ...I don't really like to go to sleep! Sometimes I feel it's a waste of time...hahaha!
    I think I might be the only one without facebook account! ;)

  7. I am glad I am not the only one that stays up so late,

    Great blog


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