Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great Fall

In case I've never mention this I'm by far the clumsy person I know.
I've fallen numerous times, gotten tons of bruises, scraps, and even a twisted ankle.
BUT nothing is worst then what happen today.
I live in the Midwest and the last thing I expect to see is a cactus. Well guess what, they actually can be found outside of the zoo.
So I was wondering around the charming neiggborhood, near my campus. They have a few second-hand shops and restaurants. My dear friend, Andrew and I went for lunch and little shopping. It was warm and kind of sunny.
We took a different route to get back to campus. We came upon this corner. They were doing some sidewalk construction and we tried to get around but the street was kind of busy and we saw a little path going through a little piece of landscape on the corner of the block. Andrew jumped over this big rock and I tried to attempt the same.

Bad fucking idea.

I slipped, immediately stood up and felt a sharp pain on my leg. Like I was stab by a couple needles. I look down in horror to see a few pieces of a cactus attached to knee and shoe. Don't worry it was only about 3 inches wide.
I could barely move. Andrew first attempted to pick me up. I screamed at him to put me down and that he was making it worse. And also he's only 5'5'' and about 120 pounds.
We stood around this corner, while I frantically called everyone I knew.
I was terrify of the I thought of having to go to the doctor.
He was trying to keep my mind off the pain. That fucking cactus needles hurts.

Out of nowhere, some dude called out that I look like Stevie Nicks and drove away
. That made me laugh but I move my knee and felt the sharp needles going in.
I was finally able to contact my father, whom was coming fast as possible to get me.
Then, this guy walking his dogs, comes out to us and sees my leg. He said he got a tweezer and scissors and will go get them. He only live a few houses down. Thank goodness!!! I could not walk but I was very grateful. He comes back and has those fancy scissors and tweezers. He told us that he sells medical supplies to all the hosiptals.
He started to cut a few needles and my dad shows up in his cars and he gets out to examine my legs. Ask to see something and he rips out the whole cactus!!!! Let me tell you, I've must of scared the neighbors with my screaming and cursing! The guys said" Only a father would do that."
He finishes take out the rest of the needles, some were in my leg pretty deep.
I got some alcohol rubbed on the area and was told that I would have a pretty bruise.
We thanked the guy for lending us his stuff and he told us to report the neighbor to the city because he hates that he putting bricks on a public sidewalk. I found that really funny. I guess he's not very fond of that douchbag lawyer whom, think it's cool to add cactus to their landscape.

I think we've all learn a valuable lesson.
Have any of you get a story like this? Any odd injury or just random act of kindness?
I'm just happy it wasn't worse. It amazes me on how some people react to these type of moments.


  1. oh my! thats terrible, i do hope you get well soon!

    xx raez

  2. OUCH! I pretty much get bruises from bumping into anything even if it's really lightly. It doesn't happen that rarely since I'm extra clumsy too. :(

  3. Great story but I am very sorry it had to happen.
    I am very clumsy myself and honestly I have fallen on a catus before so I understand the pain.

  4. Owww. Hope you feel better, and I totally get you about the clumsiness. I tend to epitomize the word "klutz" quite often, myself...D:

  5. oh migod ! thats pretty funny but i bet it sucked while it was happening . ilove all the stories you write .. i always read everything you write because theres honesty and interesting experience

  6. OWWWWWWWWW!!!! I am HAPPY to say that I don't have a story anywhere near that bad about a fall I have taken...what a trooper you are!


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