Monday, August 10, 2009

So This Is Number 100

I'm not sure if I should celebrate or just treat this like any other post.

But anyways, I've been avoiding blogging for a few days due to a massive speech but I finished it and did hopefully a good job. I need an A.

Here's an outfit post. I haven't done one in forever and I don't count the one last week because I was just trying it on to see how it looks.

This nice dress from JC Penny, I know I was shocked too. It fits loosely and the fabric is soft enough for those unbearable hot days. I wore this on Saturday to celebrate my parents anniversary.
So there is it, my 100th post. Maybe I'll be around the next 100.

Thanks everyone.

Big hugs to you all and lets all try to survive another week.


  1. knitting is not that hard, why don't you just search for instrucions on youtube or google. i'm sure there will be something helpful!

  2. That is a lovely dress and fits you perfect!

    I would love to learn how to knit... I guess I should take Corinna up on her advice as well >_<

  3. loving project runway! i'm having a netflix marathon and i'm on season 3. i don't always like the designers or designs but it has inspired me to become more proficient at sewing!

  4. You have bad-ass rock star style! Happy 100!


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