Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm feeling great

Surprisingly, I had not been excluded from this weekend's social activities.
I saw a dear friend, whom is going back to his home country in a few days.
Instead of having turkey on Thursday, we'd invited a ton of people over on Saturday.
He came over for dinner and we had one hell of party.
Full of relationship drama and chances to meet new people.
So that was basically the extent of my weekend.
I did a little shopping, I bought another dress.
I actually don't need any more dresses but I really love to wear them during a long day of classes.
I did try to search for a pair of boots but all the ones I wanted, either didn't fit or too expensive.
But I saw the most lustful pair of Frye boots for only 150.
I hope they are still there after the holidays.

Since I hate to post without any type of funny picture or story.
I'm sorry if I offend any fans but I've never seen the movies or read the books.

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  1. sounds like fun. but thanksgiving with no turkey? sacrilege!


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