Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Guilty

Should I be allowed to keep my cool points?

I swear I only wear these items around the house. Don't worry the shoes aren't really Uggs, I would never pay 200 for such things.

Besides I'm saving my money for Europe.
Which I might get to go for free if I can work things out with my scholarship people.
I'm really excited to see if I can go.
In case you're wondering what new, I would be staying in the city of Salamanca.
It's kind of in between Madrid and Portugal.
Best part is I get to have a three day weekend, so I can go explore Spain and maybe a few other European excursions.
Now, I need to convince my mother; that I will not die or get kidnapped for the few weeks I'll be gone.

ps. Any good ideas on cities I should visit?


  1. haha, if it makes you feel any better, i've been wearing big gross wool socks (like the ones they use for sock monkeys) around the house for days.

  2. deff. visit the beaches there,
    i hear there ah-mazing.
    good luck on getting to go.
    I myself, am hoping to go this summer too :)


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