Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December, what happen?!?

I'd felt so lucky today, I got a large coffee for the price of a small. Granted that's way too much caffeine for me but I just love Starbucks.

My little autobiography has struck a small bump. My introduction or my prologue is becoming increasing difficult.
I'm trying to summarize what type of person I am, you know explain why I am writing this and hope show others myself and also I just want to develop my life story. It's way harder that what I thought to write. I'm hoping to get it done it a week, considering I have a couple stories already written. I'm not sure how funny or emotional I want it to be.
I think I'll work on my middle part than probably work on the beginning.
Am I the only one whom struggles with starting things?

I'm going to include various forms of self-expression. A painting I did as a child and few haiku's. I don't enjoy writing poerty. When I do it's truly bizarre but people seem to like it.
I always say," I write when I write."


  1. I'm WAY too addicted to Starbucks. What do they put in their lattes? ah ha

  2. Nope! I struggle with starting things ALL the time! It took me almost a whole month to start writing my research paper...


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