Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Dance

Has anyone ever felt the same excited over themselves, when you see the words classes cancelled?
In Nebrasaka this means only one thing;
Snow day!

Yes, even my college cancels sometimes. Not very often, but considering the 20 minute drive and four to five inches.
No way in hell am I going.

I got two days off!

Best part, one teacher emailed my class and told us to hand in our papers. I can't believe that.

Oh, the wonders of snow.

Now, I'm working on this paper about my life.

Here's probably the cutest picture of little me.


  1. you are too cute, miss:) i love snowdays too, but its too bad cuz i dont think tahts happening this yr on winnipeg--nearly no snow!

    xx raez

  2. This picture of you is just adorable.. snowdays roc but i hate sludge =(

  3. lol i was hearing on the news that colleges were cancelling class.. it would make me as excited as it used to make me back in grade school .. always hoping snow would mean no class


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