Thursday, January 14, 2010

Camera Woes

As of lately my camera seems to be suffering from shutter lag.
I just when I think it's taken a picture, than I realized it has not.
I typically have to press the button 3 times in order to get a response.
I've had this since 2007. I think now is a good time to upgrade.

I've got some great news!
I recieve this semester a small boost of money from my scholarship. I've got some leftover after buying books, so I've decided to put that money into a better camera.

I've been really into getting a DSLR but I think outside of blog pictures and the occasional social event, it would be silly of me to buy one.

So as usual, I'm unable to decide on the camera I want.

Since August, I've looked the Canon G11.
It's small, and many say it gives DSLR quality without the extra weight and lens.

But for the same price (on Amazon), I could buy the Canon Rebel XS.

I've never had any experience with a DSLR but this one seems easy to learn and probably go farther in the long run.

My dear readers, what camera would chose?

Or do think I'm being biased and should buy a different camera?

Thanks so much for any advice.


  1. i know what you mean, i want to buy one but its so hard to decide. Spending alot of money on something means you want to get the best deal and quality, i've found reading online reviews by gadget sites has given me a little bit of insight

  2. I don't know a whole lot about cameras, but both of those look really nice. The Rebel XS looks like it has some really neat features, and I like to play with lenses (when I have a chance!), so I'd lean towards that one.

    Have you gotten one yet? I'd love to see pictures taken with either one of those :)

  3. you should really invest in an SLR..once you do you'll understand why you can't leave the house without it ;)

  4. Oh I'd definitely need a new camera too! Mine is so old and takes horrible pictures! I'll probably do this research when I'll have money for a real and good quality one;)

  5. i say go for the dslr ... it really worth it .. you can use that camera for years .. and maybe start taking pics for yourself ... its really fun to jsut experiment

  6. My bestie's photog hubs suggests the Rebel!


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