Monday, April 12, 2010

All Yellow

I hung out with a friend last Friday. She showed me some things that she recently thrifted. We also ate Nutella sandwiches with strawberries. Yum!

She has way more vintage items than me. I saw this puffy, sheer fabric that felt so luxurious from the robe.
She made me try on this yellow robe and flower belt. She told me look like some crazy fairy.
I really love the way the robe flows and not that you can see it but it has little daisy all around the collar.

We went out outside to snap a couple shots, these are the ones taken with my shitty point and shoot.

Details- Tank- express
Skirt- Gap
Robe and belt- borrowed from friend
Bracelets- gift

Also, we took some really great shots with her 35mm SLR. I'll post those when she uploads them onto her flickr. Too bad the tree wasn't ready to bloom, that would of been so pretty.

I just want to say that all your comments from my last post were such a joy to read. Thanks so much!

ps. I just realize that this outfit is perfect for the song I have playing. Oh Coldplay, just knows what I like.


  1. Really cute outfit, you look so pretty!

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it. <3

  2. What material is the dress? You could do sling back pee-toe skimmers or ballet flats. And if you are daring enough to try heels (if there isn't very much much standing or dancing involved) I'd say go for some platform pumps. :)


  3. OmG! You look so pretty, i really love seeing this pics of you in the outside, plus your outfit is totally gorgeous. sometimes i wish i lived near my favorite bloggers so i could do photoshoots with them. When do you visit me? :P The pics aren't shitty girl, lol i love that word 'shitty' sounds nicer than 'shit'. Ok, ok...

    Gotta take a look at your last post, i've been really away from the blogger world, *sigh*

  4. oh love all the yellow!

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  5. I could SO go for a nutella sandwich right now. YUM!

  6. I love your outfit! Yellow suits you so well!

  7. thanks for your comment. next week i'll do a post on Olivia just for you x

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