Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How's everyone doing?

Well, I'm currently trying to survive two more weeks of school.
I'm basically running low on fuel and can't wait to be done.

Since, summer is so close.
I'm going to post of couple items I can't wait to wear.

These are some small outfit ideas.

Not sure if I like either one. I just need to add more accessories and try mixing things.


This pink skirt from Ann Taylot LOFT has not been worn in forever!
Some thing for the sheer white top. Isn't it just lovely?

White Dress

Another item that never gets used. I love this dress, do you like the belt?


Random stuff

Lastly, this black top I got from Marshalls. It's never been worn!
I've had it for over 4 months.
I feel terrible but I still love this.
I have no clue how to style this top.
Any one that has an idea please tell me!
Thanks for reading, I'll do an official outfit post this week.

ps. I ask so many questions!


  1. oh i love your second outfit!

    For everything about fashion:

  2. i ask so many questions too, all the time... but don't worry in some random place i read that it's good to ask good sense questions. Anyways, i love it your ideas! Especially the second outfit, that white dress with the belt is beautiful, add it a bit of colour with some nice polish for nails, sandals i don't know :). And mm i can see that lost top with some shorts, blazer, white or red skirt... even leather shorts. hehe :)

    About doing the series together i'll love it! sendme an email (or give me yours) at ae_jasso@hot... to have alittle chat about it :D..

    p.s. can't wait too for school to finish!

  3. girlie - you did some fantastic shopping ... the black tank w/ large paiette is so pretty - i'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it, xx


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