Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Night Starts Here

I actually went outside and took a photo of my outfit.
 I had a certain person take a photo of me. I always forget to grab my camera when I venture downtown but last night I remembered. We went to a concert but left early to grab some ice cream. 

I actually was doing a wall sit, it felt like I was back in gym class. 

me acting weird


I'm proud to say that lovely girl in the photo is now a fellow fashion blogger. 
Her name is Liz and she has pink hair. 
Check her out, please!

Thanks for the comments and if you want to do a link exchange, just leave me a comment below.


  1. Cute picture :) I used to do wall sits in high school too, and I'd love to trade links!

  2. you look great! love your pedicure :D and checking her out now!

  3. I love the dazed look on my face. It's kind of "lalaladela what am I doing here again?"

  4. Looks like you guys had fun together!!

  5. Cute dress and cute friendship photos!

  6. fab pics x

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