Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I finally have a new blogging goal set for myself. 
I'm going to put together a decent outfit and post one outfit each week. 
Here's my first attempt, it's blazin' hot outside, so it's  time for me to drink a slushie and lay around my laptop watching movies.

summer heat

No Jewelry or fancy bag.

Just a cute dress from Target, with a bra peeping on the side and headband from f21 .

summer heat

I was thinking about adding a belt but I don't have many

Closeup of shoes

These shoes are one the best things I bought this summer.
So comfy and they make the lamest outfit look cool.

I want to know what items have you've been wearing constantly?

Lastly, for my readers, I got a new code for the 10% discount at, just type in annaadams123 when placing an order and the code will be good until July 31, 2010


  1. high waisted shorts and slouchy tops! or crop tops ;)
    nice dress!

  2. I'm always of the school of thought that less is more. You have a cute dress - why cover it up with a bunch of stuff? I like it.

  3. WOw the shoes are hot, i love the simplicity but all the right elements are in, i need a slushie too lol

  4. Love this post,
    you have an amazing blog!
    Will be coming back heaps more,
    keep up the awesome work :)

    Would love it if you checked out mine
    in your free time and maybe even

  5. Oh boy, i really like the simplicity of the dress & the sandals give the edgy touch.

    Probably doing the same about the slushie & movies tonight, my best friend leave me alone to go with his stupid boyfriend, gosh i hate boyrriends, even more 'cuz i don't have one :D haha. Cheers to you Annie, great idea about the blog.

    Oh, and i'm constantly wearing high waisted flirty skirts.


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