Monday, December 20, 2010

Check It Out

Here are some snapshots from my first weekend with my touch camera. I absolutely love it. It's definitely no the best quality but if I'm with friend or see something cool. I just snap away.

One of my first shots. My dog is on my bed and dying for some affection. No worries, she is a pampered pooch. 

This is my dad's office. I came down to have lunch with him. I got an awesome vegetarian quesadilla.  The building is one my favorites. 

I make my own gourmet drinks, such as the one below. It's a peppermint hot chocolate, I used soy milk and a  peppermint creamer. It taste like Christmas. 

 I love this ring from F21. It's definitely a statement piece and it doesn't bother me when I type. 


I'm slowly improving my camera skills. Also I plan on doing more update through my touch on my Tumblr

Kisses and hugs to all my followers and those you just comment here. You guys are seriously the best. ♥


  1. I feel like I could use some hot chocolate now :C
    Merry Christmas for you as well!

  2. re: sequins jacket! that's gonna blow!!! :D

  3. The peppermint hot chocolate sounds & looks delicious!

  4. congrats on getting the touch screen camera. and the bow ring is quite pretty!

  5. Your dog is just precious, and I love your bow ring!

    Rosie x

  6. aww! lunch with the dad! that sounds fun. (: that is a really cool building, and a quesadilla sounds soooo good right now. nice job on the christmas drink! hehe

  7. ello ello! i didn't answer your question about my new camera - i got a point and shoot! it's a panasonic, and i must say, it is impressing me considering the price and how easy it is to use.

    p.s. i still think that building is really cool haha

  8. Beautiful building. Have a lovely christmas darling!

  9. How's the itouch? I've been wanting one ever since my nano died...but not sure! Do you think it's worth it?


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