Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I Love

I can't believe this year is almost over! It's never too early to reflect on what happen this past year.  I"m so excited to be leaving soon! I only have two more weeks in my home. I need a distraction so I could resist filling out this Proust inspired Questionnaire from Fashionista.

Favorite play? Blythe Spirit
What was your first love? Art
Favorite language? Russian (I think that it is sexy, when you can speak another language besides English)
Who is your most loved character in literature? I'm lame but I love Mr. Darcy. 
Favorite room? The bedroom ;)
Favorite place to read a book? Outside on a quiet bench.
Favorite place in NY? I've never been. But my bestie tells me I need to go.
Favorite color? Purple or Turquoise
Favorite painter/painting?  I got really into Romanticism. During my humanities class. 

Favorite thing to collect? I collect shoes. 
Favorite mystery? Is the universe expanding?  
Favorite flower? Daisies, because I'm too cheap for roses. 
Favorite sea creature? Seahorse
Favorite smell? Old books
If I gave you a medal right now, what would it be for? For being fucking awesome.
Favorite texture? Soft Sheep Skin
Favorite flavor? Salty sweet
What’s the first thing you think of when I say red? Blood.
Night or day? Night
Favorite villain? Dr. Evil or Maleficent
Favorite silent film star? 

Favorite artist? Salvador Dali
Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy? Molly Ringwald (No duh!)
C.S. Lewis or Freud? C.S lewis, I hate Freud.
Tents or motels? motels, I can't sleep on the ground.
Favorite musical instrument? Violin
Thunder or lightning? Lightning
Tea or coffee? Coffee but tea is great when I want to relax.
Wine or beer? Wine
Lemon or lime? Lime
Monday or Friday? Friday
February or December? December
Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
Rosemary’s Baby or Hannah and Her Sisters? Okay, I haven't seen or read either.
J.D. Salinger or Jack Kerouac?  Jack Kerouac
Hats or scarves? Scarves but I love both.
Julie Christie or Vanessa Redgrave? Julie Christie
Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor? Marilyn Monroe
Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart? Cary Grant
Las Vegas or Atlantic City? Las Vegas
Rain or sun? Sun
Spiderman or Superman? Superman
Cats or dogs? Dogs
Ice cream or sorbet? Ice Cream
Beatles or Rolling Stones? The Beatles
Favorite fun fair ride of all time? Those spinning strawberries
Favorite sidekick? Bullwinkle
What are the initials of the last person you kissed? ehh........ I don't know if I want to answer this
What characteristics do you most envy in others? Musical, grace, and 
If you could fly, where is the first place you would go? Paris, darling. 
Have you ever won a medal or a prize–if so, what? I won that giveaway last week. 
What is your secret dream? Attending fashion school. Maybe one day, I'll live my dream. 
Favorite season? Fall
What is your greatest love? I've been in lust but never love. 
Favorite currency? I use the dollar.
Favorite city? Chicago, I just lved the whole vibe and the food was so delicious. 
Favorite imaginary place? Emerald City
Favorite planet? Pluto's not a planet. But I do love Saturn. 
Favorite children’s book? Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss. 
Favorite candy? I love candy! I'm easily eat any with chocolate. 
Favorite name [and it cannot be your own]? Keely or Chester


  1. thanks for your comment!!!new follower!!xx

  2. I can't believe this year is over either. I like to do some reflecting posts too eventually.

  3. So, are you going to Barcelona? Nice! :D

  4. i love filling out these. such a great way to procrastinate hahah. i love chocolate too... i want some right now actually! if you have a spare moment I would love it if you visited me :)

    F. (

  5. Time really flies by fast! Kewl questionnaire and I hope you get to attend Fashion School! :)

  6. Great answers; I think Romanticism art is beautiful too :)

  7. Great questionnaire, I'm feeling one of my own coming on...
    Great post!


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