Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stars of Track and Field

feel like I'm obligated to post something. I've been Spain for almost three weeks. It's been crazy. I'm not a party-girl but Madrid's party scene is hard to resist.  

I tried Absinthe and walked around drunk a few nights ago. It was alright because I had two very attractive men walk me back home. 
Also I completely adore this Italian guy, that was in my class. I'm a such a big flirt. I literally am going boy-crazy in this country. I find some cute guy with an accent and I'm ready to make out with him. Too bad, that never happens. 

Also no worries, I've been super good on a shopping. I don't have a lot to show off. I went to Zara and bought blazer with missing buttons.  I'm excited to find a new set of buttons. 

Overall, I've chilling a lot in the bars. I'm so not ready to begin regular classes but I'm going to travel around the Spanish country side next weekend. Best wishes and I'm hoping to read more blogs this week, considering NY Fashion Week is happening right now. 


  1. Madrid is the city that never sleeps! hahaha.
    There's always party...every day of the week, haha and I love it!
    Glad you like Madrid, darling <3

  2. did you get the blazer w missing buttons cheaper?


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