Monday, May 16, 2011

Things I'm Currently Lusting For List

Sometimes, I really wish I had a job. I'm so tired for depending on the rents. I'm leaving Spain in a few weeks. One of my goals, when I get back, is to find a job. My main reason, is to save money to come back to Europe next year and to indulge my compulsive shopping habit.

So pretty but it's going to take some saving to get one. I love the way satchels look on girls.

Topshop WILLIAMS Red Stripe Espadrille Wedges
I can't afford the Prada ones, but these by Topshop are such an adorable way to wear the super high wedges. I could see myself in these while walking along some sunset-lit beach in a mini dress and hat.

Oh, summer can you just get here already! I still have a few more weeks of classes but my mommy is coming to visit me next week. I already have a plan for where I want to take her shopping and to eat with me.
Until next time, best wishes to all you lovely readers.


  1. That satchel is gorgeous! And those Topshop wedges are really a great alternative option for the Prada ones :)

    Thanks for birthday wish! :)

  2. wooow that bag is just fantastic!! just perfect (: and the pradas.. of course they're fab (:

  3. Those espadrilles are fabulous! I have been looking for a pair similar to those myself!

  4. love that yellow satchel. perfect for spring and summer!

  5. OMG I was totally JUST on the ASOS website obsessing over the WHITE Harris satchel!!! Great pick, and great post!

    Laura @ Beauty, Not Bullshit

  6. having a job is the best, but it's great to let your parents help out when you have the chance!! hope the rest of your time is spain is wonderful (:


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