Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kiss Kiss

Hello again, this weekend was so fast. I had tons of fun that I forgot all about my camera and never took any photos. Silly excuse but who remembers anything when you are at a party.

I recently bought this lipstick I'm wearing below. It's Fuchsia 030 by Revlon. I love this stunning color. I got while picking up my essentials. Yes, chocolate is an essential. I can't imagine, that

ps. Thanks for reading. Peace and Love!


  1. This shade of lipstick is perfect on you. It looks great with your skin tone.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. nice!

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  3. haha of course chocolate is an essential!!!! haha. Looking lovely dear, that colour looks so lovely and is amazingly strong on you. Very pretty ^_^


  4. That lip colour is STUNNING cannot actually tell you how much it suits you I love it!


  5. LOVE this. Am following now :)


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    kisses, Beattie xoxo

  6. That's such a nice lipstick - I love fuschia!

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  7. uggggh pink lippy and godiva chocolate. what more does one need in life??

    xx Raez

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