Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Want Spring Edition

Sigh, February  needs to move along. I have the urge to wear all my light short dresses right now. I have to force myself not to go out in them because I would freeze my legs.
I keep on wanting to buy lace shorts, loose knit or silk tops,  girlie prints and midi length dresses, bright bags for carrying all my shit! I honestly can't wait for spring to arrived to enjoy being outside and all the new items that are in the stores!
So dear readers, what is the one thing you can't wait for when spring arrives?

ps. I'm wishing so much that I could be in NYC right now! So jealous of all you lucky girl who could attend NYFW!

Also I do not take any credit or ownership for the pictures, if you are the orginal owner, please contact me. 
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  1. wow i love everything that i see here. spring is near, light clothes are making their way in again!


  2. I belong in New York for NYFW. SO MAD that I am not there right now. Grrrrr. :) I love that lacey skirt.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. oh, what a dream it would be to be in nyc during nyfw. these photographs are absolutely wonderful, great outfits!

  4. Amazing shorts! And that bag is so cute!
    Have a nice weekend, dear <3

  5. Aaaah I really, really can't wait for spring! And these lovely photos have made it even worse!

  6. that is what I want! Spring and summer haha :) love the last bag


  7. I can't wait for spring so I can start using shorts! I miss them :)

  8. I love dresses with sleeves! I know that's strange, but they're hard to find! I'm dying over that square printed one, so pretty...

  9. LOVE that pink and orange marc by marc jacobs bag!!!! beautiful!

    the sydney girl

  10. SO pretty!! Can't wait till spring.


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