Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring and The Storm

The rain came back but I didn't let a little bad weather keep inside. I browse a few of my favorite stores. I did buy a few items: a pair of wedges, from Dillard's clearance, tangerine dress from Express, striped blazer and he glass perfume bottle from Marshall's.
Now, time is all I have right now. Classes have finally ended and I feel free to do what I enjoy. Take a small breathe of relief. Snap a few photos of my favortie things in my room. Finally, about to enjoy a few films on my Netflix queue. Any ideas what I should watch?

Thanks for your comments loves!!!!!!



Stripe blazer

Tangerine dress


  1. You got so many cute clothes and that striped blazer is adorable! I can picture you wearing it all the time this spring ...Great post


  2. WOW! That blazer looks amazing:)

  3. Your new purchases are lovely, that dress is such a great colour

  4. You got so many lovely things! I love those wedges :D


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