Friday, September 14, 2012

One Day

Sigh, I'm such a fan girl right now. All my favorite TV shows are coming back for new seasons. It's turning into fall and all I want to buy are long oversize sweaters to wear with everything. Also I just keep on stalking for London Fashion Week. It's my own personal escape. I love London designers and their aesthetics. I wish I could be standing in a little corner gasping at all the models walking and trying not to freak out over some random blogger or celebrity that I spotted sitting down next to a editor.

Now back to my reality. I don't deny that I drink lots of Starbucks or coffee in general.  I have to include lots of pictures from inst.gram of my favorite treats and amusements.  I adore these small square photos. Even if they are not the most glamorous, these are real.

Love you all so much for reading!


  1. I am so so excited for fall TV to come back as well :) What are some of your favorite shows?

  2. Lovely photos -- can't wait for the Fall TV season!


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