Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Nom NOm. I'm dying to have an another try at this sort of new restaurant in Omaha called Blatt. I'm a fan of simple and they have quaintest menu. Inside is intimate seating with two giant flat screens, that guess they must have to show off to all the sports fans, especially when you're near a big baseball stadium. It's sort of the vibe where lots of college professionals and frats hang out.

I picked a few appetizers to pick at while we waited for some friends. I just adore the printed menu.


Yummy mixed appetizer with naan and deli meats and cheese.
blatt 2

Best Mac and Cheese in Omaha. It's quickly becoming my new favorite comfort food. I was so excited that I couldn't stop shaking the camera. My friends kept on picking at my plate. It had the cheese slightly burnt crucnhy on the side and the pasta cooked so perfectly.
blatt mac and cheese

Next time, that I'm near the area. I'll pop inside for a cold drink and a bowl of cheesy goodness. Thanks for reading darlings!

ps. What's your comfort food of choice? Let's not forget to indulge your senses every once in awhile.

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