Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is It Too Late To Talk About Resolutions?

I didn't want to write about New Year resolutions since I'm constantly adding and changing what I want to do with my own life.

Accept my true self
This may be due some inseucities but I'm wanting to let go of my self doubts. I'm confident about my own abilities but like many woman I have plenty of little insecurities.This year I want to break out and become a real fierce woman. I want to be at just as the women I admire.

Master the dating scene
It's rather bizarre where I live. Most people my age are already married, engaged or in serious relationships.  I struggle with dating and I'm finally figuring out my feelings, with somebody that I adore. They have those smirks. The way they smell and talk. Nothing compares to the feeling of a guy wrapping his arm around my waist. But I honestly hate games,  brings nothing but drama and grief. I hate waiting around for nothing special. I'm not vowing to never date but I'm waiting for a specific guy to make his move. I want butterflies and have someone sweep me off my feet.

Buy a real bag
Charge it, steal it or save like nobody business I will own this Vitello Lux bow satchel bag from Miu Miu or I will gain my sanity and probably get something more reasonable from Ebay. I dream about a major high end purchase. I just dread seeing my bank statement or hearing my friends reactions.

Goals, to me, are ever changing and being fulfilled. I'll look back at this post and smile. I know I did same thing for my posts last year. Thanks dears!


  1. my goals are always changing as well. cheers to a happy 2013, full of accomplished goals!

  2. i wish you the best in your resolutions :) also, that is my dream bag too!!!!!!!!!


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