Friday, January 4, 2013

Same Girl, New Year

 Happy 2013! Yay it's my first post for the day. Timing is always key. Reflecting on my past inspires myself to do more and be better each year. I'm not going to discuss my goals and dreams for start but instead reflect a little on myself. One of goals is live more in the moment and not worry too much about life.

 I feel quite bitter to say goodbye, I'm not saying goodbye just to a wonderful year but saying 'au revoir' to some dear friends. I'm terrible at goodbyes. I cry and curse all at the same time.  It must seem that I'm exaggerating but truthfully I will be an emotional wreck. I'm trying hard not to think about them leaving soon. I'm hopefully going to over to visit my friends during the summer. Working on a few memory books for my friends. I discussed all my thoughts with a friend about the book. Some of the best gifts we can give are the ones we take time and effort to make.

Last weekend I attended a slumber party. The girls all sat around fixing up pretty cupcakes and trying out new makeup techniques. One of my friends did my makeup. I have to admit sometimes being silly is all a girl needs to better. Also spending a whole night with girls is such a great excuse to catch up. Must post my tips for any slumber party.

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