Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Girl Can Dream

I have a love/ hate relationship with polyvore.
I love this because it's like having photoshop but hate itbecause I see so many pretty things that I cannot afford. I made a couple sets, while waiting for my ride.

hearts - by RazzleDazzleMe on Polyvore.com

This is more affordable but doesn't matter.
I still need a job.
I know I shouldn't complain.

I wish I had money I totally buy this. http://www.joshfreese.com/buynow/#2500

It's the drummer from DEVO and he also played for NIN.

Read it for a good laugh.

It gets better, the more money you give.


  1. hey there,

    I noticed you were listed as one of the followers on my blog, and I just wanted to remind you of the upcoming deadline in the contest. If you wanted to register - now is the time. Just go to the main page - http://myownjudge.blogspot.com/ and enter your e-mail into the Form at the top of the page. The random choice of the winners will be done via another website, so I wanted to make sure everyone showing me support got a chance to win!

    Thanks! Yaya

  2. love the heart-shaped sunglasses! So cute.

  3. I want the flower ring...the bigger the better!


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