Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm going to get blown away!!

I have horrible thing for not checking the weather. It’s suppose to rain but none so far. But the wind is so strong. I being blown all over the place. My skirt did not help, it’s very lightweight but I guess that’s my own fault.

OH NOES!!! Tornado warning is now being sounded. I need to get down to the basement.

It's not that serious but my mom called and told me to get down their.

I'm going to take pictures.

EDIT: I'm alive. I spent two hours with my mom's friends in basement. They showed up while the sirens were going off. It was so not exciting.

I hate you mother nature.


  1. Well, on Saturday I decided to wear a leather jacket, like a light spring one cause it was sunny outside and ended up in boyfriends jacket freezing and he was freezing with me, but isn't that the part of charm???
    I think we'll get along really good, I'm like the biggest fan of french living ever, except I wasn't able to learn french. :-)

  2. My boyfriend really is wonderful. That's true.
    Why did you trow away the white tops??? You could survive only with them on a lonely island!!! And a white shirt, of course. Would you like me to make a post about one white top??? :-)

  3. He is fantastic boyfriend,the best.
    Would you like to make a post about that one white top? :-)

  4. wow! what a crazy day for you!


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