Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book suggestions???

So this is a bit shameful but I haven't read anything since my junior year.
The last two novels I remember reading, for fun, was Memoirs of a Geisha and The Valley of the Dolls.
I typically read magazines and the New York Times.
I really want to read something different, but easy so I can reassure my love for reading, that my horrible American English teachers destroy my junior year. Trust me, you had to experience that to understand.
I'm really bad at picking out books. Most of the time I go to Borders or a library I end up reading the magazines or looking at music.
Help me out. I'll take any suggestion, non-fiction or fiction.

Thanks everyone.


  1. If you're really into literature, I suggest Lolita by Nabokov. It's a brilliant book. The easier reads I love are Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold, Josie and Jack-Braffet, Persepolis-Satrapi, and My Sister's Keeper-Picoult. :D

  2. One flew over the cuckoo's nest. I re-read it a lot.

  3. i mostly read fiction, the books i loved recently were the catcher in the rye (classic and still very very good and modern), torture the artist by joey goebel, the reader, and middlesex :-)


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