Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm glad I'm single

Because than I would feel weird looking at these photos.

I have a thing for guys with hats, glasses, dogs, nice bodies, big smiles, dimples,
eyes, etc....

I think we all can agree, cute boys are the best.

I'm so looking forward for spending time with my cute boy.
Maybe, I'll be posting his pic.

All photos from here.


  1. they look so cute :)) nice blog .

    hope we can be friend

  2. haha I would most definately be happy to change seasons with you! lol.

    Man, these are just swoon worthy men. I'm actually a fan of dimples and glasses on men myself lol. I don't think you could find a feature that is cuter!

  3. LOL. great !

    and btw, i'm happy to be single as well! that's a nice title for your post.


  4. That third picture made me want to lick him.

  5. love this, man this second dude is he best lol :) :) :)

  6. those guys are veryvute!!!
    especially with the pup

    Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

  7. the first guy have so beautiful eyes. i am in love at it :D


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