Monday, June 22, 2009


So I'm about get a hair cut on Tuesday. I haven't done anything to my hair since last October. I'm really bad with changing it and I dyed my hair so much in 2008, I was trying to give myself a break. But I'm really nervous, I'm going to a new person, but only because my hair dresser is way too expensive. I know I need to dye but I'm not sure how I want it and also I need help on my length. I want it long but it's seem to be taking forever to grow. I've been growing it for two years. Lastly, my mother is coming with me and she never seems to like my choices when I go by myself, so I need to find a way to get what I want without her.
Now you see why I don't like getting a haircut.

But enjoy these pics of my hair over the past year.
High school.
Before my senior year, summer 2007. I know I was young and I was really into the cake.

My senior year homecoming 2008. Yes, I eat a lot.

With my cousin, winter 2008. I had a dark stage, my hair was nearly black.

In France, spring 2008. I highlighted my hair before I left. Not bad but I love this photo.

Then last fall, I had the urge to dye it again. Not as dark as winter 08' but I really like it.


  1. i love your hair actually

    Thanks for the lovely comment we really appreciate you stopping by our blog

  2. hey anna:):) i use a canon eos 450d camera. and thanks for teh super sweet comment! mwah!

    xx raez


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