Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's been awhile.
So last weekend I went to a wedding,
We all ate cake and dipped strawberries in to the chocolate fountain.

But after that I've been so unmotivated to post.
I went shopping and I bought nothing. I'm still in shock. \

I wanted some boyfriend jeans but I'm not sure if they were me and my mother didn't like the bagginess of them (But she never likes baggy, loose clothes).
But I like the non-fitted bottoms with a pair of sexy heels, which I can't find either!!
Can you see me in those?

No picture but I shall go back on try them on again.

Has any one else had a shopping slump?

I can't find what I want, unless it's overpriced.


  1. buy some crocs, i heard they are pretty sylish!

  2. i want strawnberrys and chocolat:(

  3. I have lots of shopping slumps, so much seems to be over priced!! I like the boyfriend jeans with heels a lot! I think it would be really cute!! :)

  4. I would have bathed in the chocolate fountain, therefore ruining the chocolate fountain experience for everybody else...


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