Friday, June 12, 2009

You know when something bothers you

I'm one of those freaks that sees something and gets really piss when people don't say where it is from and don't give credit to the artist.

So a few months ago I see this photo taken by Neil Krug on few blogs and now I find the talented photographer.

I'm so impressed by his flickr account.

The colors and lighting are breath-taking. I love that he uses film and the graininess of the images. They remind of what summer should be, sunny skies and adventures.

Check out his site, also!!


  1. great photos! lovely editorial shoots!!

  2. Theses shots are awesome... I especially LOVE the last! Happy weekend sweets. xx

  3. aww loved ur comment! means alot to me <3
    i also love this recommendation on this photographer. his pictures look reallly good.


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