Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I''m about to adventure out to good old Kansas City tomorrow and my rents will not shut the fuck up.
Seriously, my mom pissed at my dad now.

I love going to KC but not when people are all giving me an attitude.
Don't you just hate those days that seem to be going well and by the evening everyone is screaming at one another.
My family is crazy before before any type of traveling. I think it's the stress.

Also I got hit on by some perv. Seriously, where the hell are those sexy boys?? I mean he wasn't bad, just way too old to be trying to take out an 18 year old on a date. I'm not stupid!!!
He followed me to a park where I was pretending to meet a friend. He left eventually but I not until saying this.
He said "why don't we go out and get sushi this week?" And I was trying to find any excuse and said "Well, I got a special someone right now, not a boyfriend, we're just friends with benefits." You should of seen his face. He gave me his card, I threw it away.
Dudes, don't you know when a girl is not interested?

But anyways, my speech kicked ass. I made guacamole and got a lot of brownie points.
No pics of me but I wll be doing a lot of shots over the next few days.
Peace out homies!!!

PS: Btw, know of any good places in KC?


  1. hahaha! that story is so funny! i can't believe he gave you his card. ew. sorry that happened to you!

    i haven't been taking many outfits posts either. i'm so lazy. haha!

  2. lma o you said that ? that is so hilarious. yeah i hate when guy s do that. but actually they rarely approach me . i guess becuase i give them a look to wither their souls !
    ugh i hate traveling with my parents . i hate it . it gets old in 5 minutes

  3. Next time a weirdo hits on you like that, tell him that you are just crawling with crabs...that ought to scare them away...


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