Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I Did Today

Speech class is so easy. Well, at least today was.

I had to show three items that show what kind of person I am.

So I brought this magazine, which I've been wanting to put on this blgo for awhile. Sorry, I don't don't how to scan them but once I learn, I'll go crazy.
But I also brought a ticket from a concert and a bracelet with my name.

(From Vogue Paris April 2008)
I really like these two photos especially.


  1. Those fotos are way fierce,especialli the second one. it kind of reminds me of a brunette twiggy w/ fuller chick bones. lol ^_^


  2. hehe, oh i'm glad you like speech class. i was so terrible in mine that i dropped!

  3. twiggy, I always laugh when I hear that

  4. magazines and concerts.. awesome. i love the first pic.


  5. Love magz too...lots of inspiration,
    I'm glad you had a great time at the lake...hope to see some pics dear! Nice weekend ok! XO*

  6. i love that last photo. i love your blog, and i thought you might be interested in a chickdowntown comp on my page too! claire @ y-s x

  7. Great inspiration... love these photos! xxx


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