Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School

I feel like singing that song Adam Sandler sang in Billy Madison, you know the one while he was waiting for the bus.

So today began with World Civilizations, the professor has a mild accent. I think he's from New Zealand/ Austrailia.
Then autobiography, which was rather scary because I have to write a 20 page paper on myself by the end of the semester. I have to figuere out something interesting I've done.
Last class was Spanish, my professor is 82 years old. You think I be bored but he was charming.
I finished classes, wandered about like an airhead.
I got invited to eat pizza at a dorm, it was surprisingly fun. My friend whom invited me left me there after 20 mins and I hung out with the people whom lived there. They were all super cool kids, except one whom hid in her room and didn't even say hi. It kind of made me wish I lived in one. I love the interaction with all the girls but knowing me, they all probably hate that I'm a clean freak.
After hanging in the dorms, I saw my friend Bob, we had French together all last year and he ask why I wasn't in it. Well, guess what I need to take French, this semester in order to take it in the spring. They only offer in the fall. Which means I won't be in class all year. :(
Unless I drop spanish because they are at the same time.
Weird, sad fucking day.

Anyways, whom else in still in college/ high school?

ps. I wore this outfit.
I was feeling so unoriginal.


  1. haha... the collage days are distant-memory ... there are tone's of great moments - and i hope yours would a good one!

    btw: yes, i like your yellow skirt, very pretty :-) perfect with you hair color, xoxo


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