Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I've Done So Far

You know those days you feel like you accomplished so much and you realize that it's only lunchtime.

Well, I got up at six am to go to school for a breakfast and orientation for my scholarship.
It was what I expected, lots of boring speeches, but I know this year will be much better and I'll get to part of a bigger social circle. I even got to meet a few of my professors, whom are awesome. Some seem strict with class work but I'm really excited to take classes with them for next two years.
After the meet & greet, I finally purchased my books!! Only spent 76 dollars and the scholarship pays fro them.
I didn't get to go to store but I went home to make some lunch.
I burnt my toast. :(
But I still had some bread to finish making my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.
Did I mention I have a large bunch of tomatoes from my garden?
So now, I'm online staring at the screen and airing out the smoke from my burnt toast.

So here's what I wore for the morning.

I got all dressed up and nearly everyone there was in jeans and flip flops!!!
I swear, I feel like the only college kid with enought effort to put on a pair of slacks and a nice chiffon top. Sorry but it really pissed me off to see that we were getting to put on a first impression to our future professors and most of the kids look like they just crawled out of bed. I know I can't control the world and how people dress. I came home and switch my tops for a more laidback look and took some pictures. Sorry they are kind of fuzzy but it's cloudy outside.


  1. lol I could totally relate to the dressing up in college part. Someof those professors look like a damn mess. Cute outfit

  2. I usually go the route where I wear something nice, and then sneak the flops in ;)

  3. jeans and flip dlops are gorss . im excited foryou ! hope you do well in all your classes

  4. OH! The first top is really nice! I'd like to see it better!

    The second is fabulous basic!

    Great hair too! =)

  5. Awwww...looks like you're crying in the last picture!


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