Thursday, August 6, 2009

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She did a post on an alphabet of Love.

So to start.
A... is for accepting losses. I think my favorite sunglasses are gone forever. :(

B... is for Boat trip. I've been on my dad's boat for the past two days. I got such a nice tan now.

C... is for Candy. I'm such a sugar addict. I prefer sweet things that are more fruity than sour.

D... is for dresses. I haven't worn pants in a while. I'm also obsessed with finding more dresses for layering for the fall and I'm really trying to find new ways to wear them.

E... is for Excitement. Overall, I ready for school to begin. I haven't bought much clothes for class instead I'm trying to do more DIY and I'm also very interested in finding a job.

F... is for Family. I spent today with my cousin and her two kids on out family boat. It was an experience to spend time with her. To be honest, she's very hard for someone to deal with. Her attitude is very rude and unappealing but somehow my opinion has changed. Her kids are so well-behaved. I had fun talking and just not having to deal with her drama.

G... is for Guess. Well, if you saw my post you've saw me in my new monokini by Guess. I still haven't worn in out yet but I really need to find a reason to.

H... is for hoodie. No clue why but I've been opting for my hoodies over those super cute cardigan sweaters. It's been very cool at night, lately I just wear a hoodie and long tank to sleep.

I... is for Ice Cream. Let's face it, when it's over 90 what's the only food you want.

J... is for jewelry. Again, as you can see I'm not big on the whole jewelry thing but I've been wearing more accessories a bit more often. I'm trying to work myself, into being comfortable to wear more layers of gold or silver.

K... is for Kings of Leon. I'm totally in love. Also very excited that they are coming back to Omaha. Last time, they had it at a small venue and it sold out fast.

L... is for Love. I'm obessed with anything romatic or even a little cheesy. I keep on talking about it, and wishing I could find it.

M... is for Money.
I need some.....

N... is for Nerdy boys. They seem to be getting cuter, I adore those glasses, fitted blazers and high top Converses.

O... is for Omaha. Seriously, this city gets better each year, well at least with the mall. But also those improvement have lead to some serious budget cuts, which keep on pissing me off. For instance, they closed all the pools last Sunday. And might be adding a tax for entertainment, including concerts and movie tickets.

P... is for perfume. I'm a little bit of a freak. I don't have a lot because most drive me crazy. But the few I have been wearing like crazy. I have Coolwater, which is okay but it reminds me of summer, then I have sweet peas blosson by Bath and Body Works. Again, not my favorite but still smells good. But my absolute favorite is Juste un Baiser by Fragonard. I adore it. Doesn't bother me at all. I wish I bought more.

Q... is for quilted bags. I'm having a mega thing for those style of bags. i just have my little one from Forever 21 but I really want a few more.

R... is for reading. Again not very into reading, well I was, but I have very long list of novels that I will need to read for two separate classes. I'm kind of excited and I think those books will be interesting to discuss and write more about. Also I just found out I have to write a 20 page autobiography for one of those classes. Wish me luck!!!

S... is for shoes!!!!!!!! How lame would it not be to say that. I'm such a little bitch, before I use to see those Sam Edelman boots worn by the Olsens and nothing now I see them and drool. Also, a months back I thought Doc Martins weren't really my style and now I want to buy a pair of vintage black Docs. I even have some pretty outfits ideas for them. Btw, I'm size 6.5, should I get a 7 or 6. for Topshop. Words can not express my obsession with this place. I'm so in love with all the bags and shoes. Especially those thigh high boots. They always seem to sell something I fancy.

U... is for underwear. You how you sometimes buy things, just cause they make you feel pretty, well that's how I feel about underwear. I want them frilly, lace, silky, even my plain cotton ones have to give me some sort of confindence boost. I'm sounding like such a dork but seriously if you spend as much time as I do in your undies, you totally understand.

V... is for Vintage. Not if you notice, I don't wear much, if any vintage. Most of my clothes are either given to me or bought from stores. But I do love those vintage pieces I have. Like my mom's biker jacket she gave me. It's incredibly warm and why get rid of something that fits me. Also I'm very picky and most vintage in Omaha is very poor quality, either stain or damage. I do want to be able to get mostly vintage clothes but at last this is where my insecurity comes in. I don't think I would get made fun of it's more of a will wanting to fit in a society where if something is old it's not cool. I do love some things from eBay, even some bloggers stores have exceptional items but some fear inside of me keeps prevents me from purchasing them.

W... is for WTF. My WTF moment lately has been their is this dude, and well probably he is a stalker. Not in that he follows me everywhere but I can't go a day on campus where he tries to hit on me. I tell him I'm busy but he doesn't seem to understand. Thankfully, my dear friend David has told me all about him and is trying to get him to leave me alone. Btw, David has saved numerous times from this guy.

X... is for X& Y, which is my favorite album by Coldplay. Speaking of Coldplay, during the concert, David texted me about going. He bought a ticket for me. I felt so bad because I already had one but during the whole show we texted each other.

Y... is for Yellow. That is my number one enemy on the color wheel. I avoid all shades, except gold and is that even consider yellow? I have one, maybe two things with yellow, not including PJs. I'm trying to get over that, but to me yellow is very overwhelming and bold. I can do red, even some orange but yellow is typically left out.

Z... is for zzzzzzzzzzzz. I've been working on this for over 2 hours. It's nearly one. Time for sleep.

Btw, happy Friday!! And thanks so much for all the sweet comments from my last post.


  1. haha, this is a cute post;)love nerdy boys toopo:)

    xx raez

  2. "A... is for accepting losses. I think my favorite sunglasses are gone forever. :("

    i believe someone threw away a whole bag of all my nail polishes :(

  3. Through the alphabet, we have learned a lot about you! Thanks, alphabet! Heheheh...


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