Saturday, August 1, 2009


If you can find these in a size 6.5/7 and deliver them to my doorstep, I really appreciate it.

I can't believe they are selling them for over 600 dollars on eBay. I could probably get the ones by Balenciaga, btw I think those are it in the picture, for the same price.

But anyways, my birthday is in a few weeks. I'm getting excited for no real reason. I'm really hoping for a new phone, or an iTouch been dropping a few hints to the rents.

Well lately, I've been avoiding the mall, but one of my lovely relatives gave me a Younkers card. So I bought this lovely one piece from Guess. I'm not sure on how to wear it without a slutty, but maybe I should just go out and buy that sheer mesh dress from AA.
What do you think? I feel so flirty in this.


  1. My gos those are my dream shoeeessszz!! super outfit! you're so sexyyy! ;D

  2. You look amazing! You are really beautiful, Anna.

  3. hot shoes, hotter swim suit, you look fab my dear!

    xx raez

  4. Dangg, that swimsuit is pretty hot! I'd say go for the mesh dress!


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