Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Bad at Decisions

I found out I'm getting a check in the mail (not saying how much) but it's enough to let me buy a camera, 200-400 dollars.
I currently have a Olympus FE-230, with 7.1 Megapixel and 3x zoom.
It's okay and what I've been using since I started blogging. The downside the quality. My dad bought this back in 2006 for my mom. It's works really well outside but when I have bad lighting, I typically have to edit them on picnik. It's a point and shoot, so that makes in very portable and easy to pull out. Okay, not really because it takes a few seconds to turn on and take the image.

I'm debating on what kind of camera I want.
It be great to get one a little bigger and better quality.
I have been able to use this one.
My cousin bought one, while she was here for the wedding back in February. I use it a few times and I like the pictures we took. Very clear and with some more experience I could master it.
I'm not a pro and I just want to use for the concerts I attend and taking pictures for friends and family.

Lastly, I really like this one by Nikon. It's the same quality and better zoom and bigger display. Also it's cheaper.

So my basic question is which one would you buy or better yet, what camera do you currently use?

ps. I hope my inability to make a decision doesn't annoy you. I know I can be rather pathetic.

pss. Hope you have a nice week.


  1. My camera is inexpensive $140 only...Canon SD1100IS. But I'd like an upgrade with more zooming power

  2. for slushies i usually just go to 7/11 or macs, i love mixing mine up too:)

    and i think u should get nikon, that one looks amazing, and nikon is a great brand!


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