Saturday, August 15, 2009

Closet Ideas

I'm cleaning out my closet. I have some crap that going to the goodwill but I have a few party dresses from high school.
I have no idea what to do with them. I probably won't wear them. My sister grab one and said she's wearing to homecoming next month.
I mean they aren't fabulous but because some I've worn once and one I've never even worn except for an hour during my senior photos. I don't think any consignment stores would want them.
Do you think I could post them? Or even sell them?
Where be a good place to start?

I'm pretty sure posting something like this on craigslist but I'm terrify of that site.


  1. I love the plaid light blue number (:

    i cleaned out my closet.. but still don't want to part with my stuff.

  2. you should try ebay! would sell! and thanks for ur Q i will update with an A entry shortly :D x

  3. cleaning out your closet can be tough, you should so ebay. there cute pieces


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