Friday, August 14, 2009

Why me????

Hung out with friends and we ate delicious chicken wings.
I am still the single one. And had to hear all their isses.
It's hard to deal when your two best friends are in a serious relationships with two different people..

One would love to marry her current BF, but both say they are too young and would want to be at least out of 4 year college and in the professional world before settling. I hope they do. They are the cutest thing.

The other two, bicker constantly. They kind of should break it off, the girl says she doesn't want to marry him at all and there is not physical attraction or even a common bond. My buddy gets depresses over her and he hopes she'll eventually want a commitment. I say they should just be friends but they refuse to listen me. I try to stay out of this shitty drama.

As for me, I really love the idea of love. I just hope I'm not as fucked up as some girls.
Dating just so damn complicated.

Also I know, I can be pretty random. I thinks it the fact I never sleep at night.
Thanks for reading.


  1. I love the idea of love too :)
    And yeah its hard to listen to friends moan about boys when your single!
    Beth xx

  2. oh, i feel like that too :(
    lovely blog btw ♥

  3. lol its gonna be okay, Friends will always do that. Aim high!

  4. hehehe, I know, I see the same with my friends lol, I love to be single, funny right? Im really enjoying it haha :)

  5. ah, single too. but loving it. not like i haev choice but to like it XD

    xx raez

  6. haha its funny to be single and hear all the crazy relationship bs .
    sometimes its best to stay out of those types of messy relationships they will come to their own illconcieved end at some point.


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