Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Apparently I'm Special.

Guess what?????

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!

I'm lucky enough to turn 19 on 9/9/2009.

So a few facts on today.
Sept 9. is the 252 days which means 2+5+2= 9
It's a lucky number with Chinese numerology, apparntly it sound like long- lasting, and according to the Japanese, I'm screwed.
I apparently share the same birthday as Hugh Grant, Michael Buble and Michelle Williams.
I'm not saying that is awesome but I like the number 9.

In order to celebrate my brother is taking me to see 9.
I'm so excited, it should be interesting but at least visually appealing.
But anyways, I need to get to bed but I'll post
my outfit and this weekend I might show off my presents are.

Lastly, I can finally buy a lottery ticket, wish me luck. I promise to share it with any one following me.

Also does anyone really do anything crazy on their birthday?
I've never been one of those kids and I can't even imagine someone throwing a big blow out just because they are a certain age.

ps. Enjoy the song, it by the Beatles in case you didn't know. ♥


  1. hey Happy BDAY for you sweety!^^) all my best wishes for your future!
    see you$

  2. Happy belated birthday! Cool...my lucky number is 9...


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