Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer is over.

So sad, summer is officially over.
I'm still ill, but trust me I've gottten better.
All my friends think I have H1N1. It's not that, I just have severe allergies/ sinus infection. My doctor told me that already.
But yesterday, I was able to attend at least one class. It was poruing outside for most of the day.
I wore this.

I felt a little odd wearing the short shorts because girls were giving me the WTF look but I think its the boots also. I love them because I avoid getting my legs and feet soaking wet and they have a super cute argyle print. I don't understand why some girls wore flip flops and jeans and then complain about how cold they feel.

Oh well. Have a great LABOR DAY!!!!! ♥


  1. love love the outfit girl... you looked so chic, xoxo

  2. hope you have great labor day . when i get the wtf look i give it right back . although im so used to it i rarely notice

  3. love the quote on the side of your page. and the pink that colors and brightens my day.

    love always !!

  4. Haha I totally get you about those girls in flip flops on rainy days. Seriously dumb. Hope you get better and have a great weekend!

  5. Lovely look, dear! The belt is amazing:) Too bad we can;t see the boots@ :)

  6. screw the girls, you look freaking fierce:)

    xx raez


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